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19/04-2016 Coldplay A Head Full Of Dreams Platin A
19/04-2016 Meat Loaf Bat Out Of Hell 2xPlatin A
19/04-2016 Jack Johnson In Between Dreams 3xPlatin A
12/04-2016 Beyoncé 4 Guld A
12/04-2016 Ed Sheeran + Platin A
12/04-2016 Flo Rida My House Guld A
12/04-2016 James Bay Chaos And The Calm Guld A
12/04-2016 Emil Stabil Emil Stabil Guld A
12/04-2016 Skrillex & Diplo Skrillex And Diplo Present Jack Ü Guld A
12/04-2016 Drake If You´Re Reading This It´S Too Late Guld A
12/04-2016 Rihanna Anti Guld A
12/04-2016 Diverse Hits For Kids 2015 Guld A
12/04-2016 Meghan Trainor Title Guld A
12/04-2016 One Direction Made In The A.M Guld A
12/04-2016 Diverse More Summer 2015 Guld A
12/04-2016 Diverse Mgp 2015 Guld A
12/04-2016 Diverse More Music 2015 Guld A
12/04-2016 Soundtrack Fifty Shades Of Grey Guld A
12/04-2016 Djämes Braun Modgift Guld A
12/04-2016 Jason Derulo Ft. Jennifer Lopez... Everything Is 4 Guld A
12/04-2016 Major Lazer Peace Is The Mission Guld A
12/04-2016 Coldplay A Head Full Of Dreams Guld A
12/04-2016 Diverse More Christmas 2015 Platin A
12/04-2016 The Weeknd Beauty Behind The Madness Platin A
12/04-2016 Shawn Mendes Handwritten Platin A
12/04-2016 Figurines Skeleton Guld A
05/04-2016 Emil Stabil Er det en fugl? Guld T
05/04-2016 Emil Stabil Er det en fugl? Guld T
05/04-2016 Rocazino All My Love Guld T
05/04-2016 Suspekt S.U.S.P.E.K.T. Guld T


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Musikselskaber 2016
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Music Consumer Insight Report 2016

Seneste certificeringer

11/07 Kim Larsen Tarzan Mamamia Guld
11/07 Mellemfingamuzik Feat. Gilli Cocaina Guld
11/07 Burak Yeter Feat. Danelle Sandoval Tuesday Guld
11/07 Molo Feat. Benny Jamz, Gilli & MellemFingaMuzik Skejsen Guld
11/07 Charlie Puth Attention Guld


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